Hi everyone! we all set goals for various reasons. Whether it’s for the new year, a new semester at school, or experimenting with your limits. Setting goals is a great way to develop as a character. But we can simply drop our resolution because they’re too vague or too unrealistic. So today I’m going to share some suggestions that have encouraged me to not losing my resolution after a month or two.


When you review your resolutions you need to be specific. It’s natural for people to write resolutions like: eating healthy or doing more exercise. It’s not unrealistic but it’s too vague to follow. It’s much simpler to follow resolutions like stretching every morning or going for a run. It’s very simple yet specific. With being specific you can achieve your goals slowly but certainly. 


Now you have established your goals. Make sure it’s measured. For instance, you resolve to write a novel. So every month you set a goal for how many words you put on your novel. With this, you can see how much progress you make this month and not be overwhelmed.


Make your resolutions actionable. With this, you can see yourself to achieve your goals and will stick with your goals.

That’s it for today! I hope you find something helpful in this blog post. And thank you for my first follower ever! I hope you stick around like my resolutions. Love and light!<3

Sources: The Art of Improvement. Video link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpKvs-apvOs

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